We offer puppy training & socialisation sessions, basic to advanced obedience classes for all ages, agility classes and private 121 training for all levels at our venues near Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire.  Please scroll down for links to our most popular courses.


Puppy Training & Socialisation <18 weeks

Our puppy courses are specifically designed to quickly start your pup off on the right paw and to make sure early training and socialisation sticks through your dog's adolescence by becoming effortlessly integrated into your ongoing daily routine.


We will take you through all the essential puppy training exercises and your pup can enjoy socialising and learning in a natural environment.  All our puppy training takes places outdoors in the real world in relaxed park like settings.  We also have a dedicated and fully enclosed training field well away from any roads for safe recall practice.   With us, training, socialisation, physical exercise and mental stimulation are brought together to help your pup grow into a beautiful and well balanced adult family dog. 

Adolescent Essentials - 18 weeks to 2 years

Hopefully by the time your pup is 18 weeks old you are justifiably proud of your well-mannered, well-behaved and highly socialised dog.  However... Adolescence is a time of big change!


To ensure that your attentive, mannerly and friendly puppy remains attentive, mannerly and friendly throughout adulthood, you need to accelerate socialisation and training during adolescence, this can be hard on your own but we are here to help! 

Clever Canine Class (Sundays) - 6 months old +

Train your dog all year round!  A fun, affordable and convenient way to train your dog to be happy and reliable in any and all real life situations and meet up and have some fun with like minded folks!


Most Sunday mornings at 9.15am Marlow Car Park, Grafham Water, Huntingdon PE28 0BH (circular tarmac’d area behind the café).  Always check first to be sure the session is running.


Suitable for dogs 6 months old+, sessions are approx 45 minutes - register once and then attend whenever you would like to.


Pre-requisite skills: loose lead walking in company.  If you have not yet mastered this key skill then you can attend the Loose Lead Walking Workshop sessions held later in the day until you are ready.

Agility Classes

Success Stories

"Albi loves Puppy Class! Thank you so much Nicki for your patience and encouragement" Catherine


"What an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning. Nicki, your Puppy classes have been lots of fun for Devon and for myself. Looking forward to the next course. Thankyou for everything!" Linda


"We have both loved doing the training and I am really looking forward to learning more with you at the puppy 2 classes. See you in June!" Kirsty


"I've found the course to be a great help as well as enjoyable and, as I have used the guidance on my older dog, it has improved his behaviour too!"



"I was over the moon with how Conal performed at Rally on Thursday, never thought he would do that!"




"Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your advice.  With your help I was able to spend much of our recent trip to Scotland with Lottie off lead AND coming back to the whistle!  Brilliant, what a delight!"  




"My 2 year old Parsons Russell, Oscar became difficult to handle after we lost our older dog last November. He wouldn't always come back and was unpredictable when we came across other dogs. His obedience at home and out walking has improved 100% and I can confidently take him out again and know he will listen plus we have great fun." Tracey

"I have been taking Harvey for 1-2-1 agility training sessions for over a year. From the nervous dog then to the amazing dog he is now is a testament to Nicki's patience and training (both dog and owner). For me the important thing is that Harvey enjoys the sessions and if you could see how happy he is to see Nicki its great. I can not recommend GWCA highly enough."  Sue


"I have always wanted to train and take agility seriously, I had browsed around on the Internet and came across this website. It looked promising, fun and a trainer that helped and takes training seriously. It has definitely lived up to those words. I love every session me and Dexter attend, he gets better and better every time.  Dexter has learnt so many different techniques and I am so proud of him. A definite recommendation to anyone that wants to do this for fun or take it seriously."  Terri

"I have recently started classes with Nicki at Grafham Water Canine Adventures and have found it to be really fun. Nicki has a very calm approach to the training with lots of positive feedback. She always takes the time to explain things thoroughly with the reasons why we do it that way which helped me a lot. I also like that she tailors the speed of learning to the individual dog. For Mawli who is a collie I have found agility a great way to exercise her brain as-well as body and its also brilliant bonding  time for us where she is the centre of my attention which she likes lots!" Becky