Adolescent Essentials - 6 months +

This is the entry point into our flagship young dog program if you have a dog older than 6  months and it is extremely popular! 


The course runs April through to October at our beautiful outdoor venue at Grafham Water Sailing Club.  This is a large, beautiful, park like venue with plenty of easy and free parking right next to the training area.  There are usually two sessions on every weekday evening throughout April - September and then we drop down to one session per evening using portable floodlights.  


The courses are 5 consecutive weeks (the same day and time each week).



We will not be advertising new courses now until March 2022 but if you have a new furry addition to your family do look at our online courses which are available year round.


If you need some help with training your dog to Come Back When Called - click here!


If you find attending regular classes at the same time each week difficult due to other commitments / work shifts etc or if you live out of the area the good news is you can still train with us!  Click here to get started straight away!  


If you’re looking at this page then by now you may well be quite exhausted by your puppy-raising efforts!  Hopefully though you are justifiably proud of your well-mannered, well-behaved, highly socialised dog with dependable bite inhibition.  However... Adolescence is a time of big change!


To ensure that your attentive, mannerly and friendly puppy remains attentive, mannerly and friendly throughout adulthood, you need to accelerate socialisation and training during adolescence. 


One of the most challenging but really important aspects of adolescence can be making sure your dog continues to meet unfamiliar people and dogs on a regular basis.  If your dog is confined to your house most of the time and only meets the same familiar people over and over, he will desocialise surprisingly quickly and may soon grow to be wary and fearful of strangers, especially children and men.

Your daily walks and visiting new places a couple of times a week are a must and always make a point to praise your dog when he acts appropriately and to reward him whenever he is well behaved and greets other people and dogs.  Next on the list if you can is to carry on attending a regular training course.


Your dog's adolescence is a critical time. If you ignore your dog's education now, you may well soon find yourself living with an ill-mannered, under-socialised, hyperactive animal. 


Having adopted one such large individual as a mature adult in the hope that I could turn him around you can trust me on this, living with this type of dog is no picnic!


The Adolescent Essentials class is specifically for dogs 20 weeks old +


We recap all the good things we did in Puppy class like:

  • Curbing unwanted behaviours - biting, barking, jumping up and chewing
  • Walking nicely on lead without pulling
  • Coming when called
  • Staying focused on the handler around distractions
  • Wait and stay
  • Leave it
  • Mat training

and each week we practice exercises and tasks to help your dog:

  • Remain calm on lead in the presence of other dogs
  • Remain calm and sit at your side in the presence of distractions like joggers and cyclists
  • Accept other dogs approaching from all angles
  • Have fun with you accomplishing fun tasks and challenges
  • Meet new human and doggy friends and enjoy interacting with them every week 

Integrate the things you'll learn on this course into your dogs daily lifestyle and you can expect:

  • Really Reliable Recalls
  • Really Reliable Stays
  • Elimination of Pulling on the lead
  • Fun Recall Races - fastest dog to sit front and then finish wins! (there could be prizes involved!) 
  • Focus in the face of major distractions - people, dogs, bikes, toys, bouncing balls, left over food, umbrellas, etc.  
  • Fun Frogger Recalls - calling your dog through a crowd of moving dogs 
  • Focused Off-Lead Heeling 
  • Distance Training - commands given from long distances
  • Multi-Angled Finishes - calling to a sit in heel position from the standard front position as well as any other angle or from a distance 
  • Three-Way Puppy Push-Ups - moving through Sit, Down and Stand positions in all six possible combos.  
  • Drop On Recall - down command from a recall
  • Cafe Training - dog holds a long down at your feet around a table of other dogs doing the same. 
  • Hand Signals - giving commands silently, only using hand signals 
  • Friendly Games, Contests and Competitions - fastest recall, longest down, most push-ups, best trick, etc. 

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