Agility for Beginners

An eight week dog agility training course to take your hound from zero to hero!

This is a fun course which provides an introduction to appropriate agility equipment suitable for the age of your dog plus motivation and basic handling techniques.

Agility training has many benefits and will help you improve general control and responsiveness and advance your training.  Be warned: it can also be addictive for handlers!

Note: We recommend that your dog can return when called and will wait until released.

Your dog can start learning from seven months of age (no repetitive jumping or weaves until your dog is over 1 year old).  This is a great course for dogs that get bored of formal training!

Maximum of five dogs in a group.

Note: Agility training is a strenuous activity for your dog and it can overly strain or injure your dog if you do not properly understand the requirments of each obstacle and how to train safely and appropriately for your dogs age and stage of learning.


A professional trainer will provide safe stepwise training to ensure you both understand how to complete the obstacle challenges properly ensuring your dogs safety at all times and so we would always recommend you attend classes if you'd like to try this wonderful dog sport with your furry best friend.


Please note that due to the development of dog’s bones and growth plates, you should not attempt to teach full weaves, repetitive jumping or use raised ramps if your dog is under 1 year old (18 months for a large breed), this is VERY important.