Billy's Fund Raising Page

Folks, meet BILLY who is under the care of Louise at Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England (LRRSE).


Each week since Christmas I’ve organised a Sunday Pack Walk at Grafham Water to raise some much needed funds for LRRSE so they can continue helping dog and pups like Billy. 


Our current fund raising total stands at £512.00 and I’d like to express heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s come along and supported the pack walks and contributed so generously – thank you all so much, it really means a lot.  I look forward to the walk each week and the laughs we have along the way, you really are a super bunch of folks!


Some of you who’ve come to training have said you’d like to contribute even though you aren’t able to come on the Sunday walks so I thought I would put this page where you can make a donation of any amount to help us.


Please share a link to this page with friends and family and help LRRSE help more dogs and pups like Billy, thank you so much for your support.




Billy was found dumped at approx 14 weeks of age.  His condition and the cold would have surely killed him had he not been found.  He was alone and barely able to walk.


Billy was found with rickets (a problem with his joints due to poor nutrition).  He was very thin and in considerable discomfort with his joints, to the point that walking was painful for him. As you can see from the pictures on the left his legs were very bent and he walked on his front ankles not his paws.


After several days of good food improvements could be seen with his joints but his little tummy was struggling to cope with processing his food.


LRRSE have had Billy for nearly two months now and whilst he still has a very sensitive tummy he is making good progress and has grown lots!  As you can see from the most recent of the photos (which are now very difficult to take as he is never still for long enough!) his joints are greatly improved and he is enjoying being a normal puppy with regular good food and is free from painful joints. 


The future is his to look forward to now, thanks to Louise, LRRSE and the fantastic work they do.


Please join us in supporting LRRSE and their life saving work and make a donation of any amount using the button below.



A heartfelt thank you from us all and of course from Billy too! :-)