Classes and Training

Puppy Training 


Puppies develop into dogs very quickly. Your young pup will go through many stages in his / her first year and we’re here to guide you through all of them with the goal of producing a happy, friendly, responsive and well-adjusted companion dog you can take anywhere.


Our puppy courses are specifically designed to quickly start your pup off on the right paw and to make sure early training and socialisation sticks through your dog's adolescence by becoming effortlessly integrated into your ongoing daily routine.


The courses are accompanied by lots of class handouts and other great content delivered via email throughout the course with comprehensive step-by-step guides for simple exercises to guide your daily practice.  You’ll be simply amazed at what you can achieve with your pup!

Foundations Fun & Fitness


This is a relaxed and friendly class for folks who would like to practice the obedience foundations and socialise their dog whilst having lots of fun with like minded folks.  


Suitable for all ages of dog and particularly appropriate for juniors and young dogs as a regular follow-on class after Puppy courses here or the equivalent elsewhere.  


Thankfully there is a growing awareness now that very young puppies need to have positive socialisation experiences and this is great news but what still isn’t so widely understood is that this needs to continue throughout their first year and beyond.


Like us, dogs are social creatures and when their social needs are neglected it’s unfortunately quite common to see behavioural problems around other dogs surfacing between the ages of 1 – 3yrs old even though as a pup they enjoyed puppy classes and were fine around other dogs at the time.


It isn’t that they need to run in a whole pack of doggie friends, rather the science shows that, again like us, they need to have a few friends that they get on well with and see for social interactions fairly regularly.


Crucially this is true regardless of how many dogs you have in the house, they need to make other friends outside the family group to remain comfortable meeting and greeting others.


The Foundation Obedience classes are specifically designed to provide the right environment for fun, regular socialisation activities and the sessions are also an ideal preparation for beginner dog sport training like agility which can begin when your dog is physically mature (about 1 year old unless your dog is very large).


Dog Training ESSENTIALS (Adult Dogs)


If your dog missed out on Puppy Training or you have adopted an older dog, or just want to improve your adult dog’s training so that they listen all the time (not just at home!)  Join our ESSENTIALS COURSE to learn real world obedience skills in a relaxed outdoor park setting.


The focus for this course is:

  • Curbing unwanted behaviour like biting, barking, jumping up and chewing
  • Walking nicely on lead without pulling
  • Coming when called
  • Staying focused on the handler around distractions
  • Wait and stay
  • Leave it
  • Mat training


Each week we practice exercises and tasks to help your dog:

  • Learn how to be calm on lead in the presence of other dogs
  • Remain calm and sit at your side in the presence of distractions like joggers and cyclists
  • Learn to accept other dogs approaching from all angles
  • Have fun with you accomplishing some fun tasks and challenges
  • Meet new friends and enjoy interacting with them every week 

 Agility Training


From Have-A-Go to competition standard with an experienced competitor and instructor.


Think about how our dogs ancestors behaved in the wild...  They would have chased and killed prey, hurdling over rocks, speeding under fallen logs, teetering on natural bridges and negotiating slopes, brambles and thick bushes.  In simple terms, agility is a perfect outlet for your dog's natural and instinctual habits and behaviours which is why they love it so much!


Here are just some of the benefits of agility training:


Much needed exercise which is a basic need of every dog

Your dog gets a great workout, building strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. 


An improved bond between you and your dog

Leading to a better all round relationship as you learn to work together and negotiate the obstacles.  You learn how to communicate and read each other's signals and best of all you're outdoors and having a good time together


Agility burns off energy and addresses boredom

This leads to a reduction in destructive behaviours around the home and even helps address some forms of aggression


An increase in confidence and self esteem

Agility is really good for nervous and anxious dogs to build up confidence in their own ability and their trust in you


Sharpens the dogs mind

Your dog has to do a lot of thinking and gets great mental stimulation, increasing awareness and alertness.


Better basic obedience

With the ability to follow instruction and increased trust and confidence


Perfect outlet for working, high energy and active breeds

And not only them, its great fun for any healthy dog that takes to it (and most do!)


Plus increased fitness, flexibility and stamina for owners!  Few people give up agility once they've started - what better way to get in shape!