Foundation Obedience, Fitness & Socialisation

The next Foundation Obedience, Fitness & Socialisation course starts on:


Sunday 7th October at 10.45am at PE28 0BU


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This is a relaxed and friendly class for folks who would like to practice the obedience foundations and socialise their dog whilst having lots of fun with like minded folks.  Class sizes are kept small (max 6 dogs) so plenty of individual attention to develop your training partnership with your dog.  


Suitable for all ages of dog and particularly appropriate for juniors and young dogs as a regular follow-on class after Puppy courses here or the equivalent elsewhere.  Also a pre-requisite for joining an agility group as this course covers all the foundation skills required to start agility training.


Thankfully there is a growing awareness now that very young puppies need to have positive socialisation experiences and this is great news but what still isn’t so widely understood is that this needs to continue throughout their first year and beyond.


Like us, dogs are social creatures and when their social needs are neglected it’s unfortunately quite common to see behavioural problems around other dogs surfacing between the ages of 1 – 3yrs old even though as a pup they enjoyed puppy classes and were fine around other dogs at the time.


It isn’t that they need to run in a whole pack of doggie friends, rather the science shows that, again like us, they need to have a few friends that they get on well with and see for social interactions fairly regularly.


Crucially this is true regardless of how many dogs you have in the house, they need to make other friends outside the family group to remain comfortable meeting and greeting others.


The Foundation Obedience classes are specifically designed to provide the right environment for fun, regular socialisation activities and the sessions are also an ideal preparation for beginner dog sport training like agility which can begin when your dog is physically mature (about 1 year old unless your dog is very large).



Each week we practice a selection of games, group and individual exercises taken from the following syllabus:

  • Focus, Attention and Name Response
  • Heel Position and Loose Lead Walking
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Go to Bed
  • Wait for Food
  • Sit-Stay and Down-Stay
  • Recall exercises
  • Doggie Zen (aka It's Yer Choice, Leave It)
  • Playing Tug and Drop, Fetch
  • Engage-Disengage (aka Red Light, Green Light)
  • Behaviour Generalisation
  • Beginner Shaping - Paw Object
  • Beginner Targeting
  • Low impact Beginner Agility Exercises (tunnels, weave entries, contact zones and bump jumps)

Ready to Start?

Fun Foundation sessions are £75.00 for a block of five sessions. 


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Please also note: so sorry but as the course is so popular we are unable to hold places without payment in full so if you just send the form this will not reserve a place.


Look forward to seeing you there! :-)


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Fun Foundations Sessions - commencing Sunday 7th October at 10.45 am

Five sessions on a Sunday morning.


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