All Group Classes:


Suitability for Group Classes:


Dogs must not display aggressive or disruptive behaviour towards other dogs or other people in class.

Dogs must be healthy and free from contagious disease, bitches in heat are not permitted in class.

While the whole family, including young children are welcome, handlers must be at least 10 years of age; handlers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Vaccinations: For puppies, one set of vaccinations and first de-worming; vaccination schedule maintained per vet during duration of program. 


Disruptive/aggressive dogs:


If instructors determine a dog is inappropriate for group classes, we reserve the right to remove the dog and handler from the program. Class fees will be applied as a credit towards private lessons to help address the issues causing the disruptive behaviour.  Disruptive behaviours include (but are not limited to): excessive barking, lunging, attempts to bite other dogs or people.


Disruptive handlers/people:


If instructors determine a handler is disruptive or inappropriate for group classes, we reserve the right to remove the handler from the program.




For classes paid for in advance, for example, Foundation Skills, full refunds are available prior to the first class (defined as occupying a booked slot with your dog on a scheduled class) within 30 days of paying.  Once a class is booked and occupied, refunds are not available. After 30 days, refunds are not available.


Program Completion Time frame:


Programs must be initiated within 6 months of attending orientation and paying for the class.

Classes must be utilised within the respective program time frame (for example, 4 weeks or 10 weeks)

Extensions are automatically granted if a program overlaps with a scheduled school closure (for example, long weekend/Winter Holiday closure).


Cancellation Policies:


Handlers must give 24 hours notice prior to the start of class to not consume a class booking (for pay in advance classes) or in the case of a Pay As You Go session the full fee.  Capacity is limited so this is the fairest way to handle late cancellations / no shows.  Thank you for understanding.


Illness/Medical Issues:


Extensions to your program can be granted for the following two conditions: a) Bitch in heat b) Quarantine due to contagious illness, provided proof is supplied from veterinarian.


Private Consultations:


Suitability for Private Consultations:  Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations per our Group Class policy.


Confirmation of Booking/Registration:  Due to our limited availability for private training, payment must be made in advance to hold your reservations.


Cancellations/Rescheduling:  Cancellations/Rescheduling require at least 48 hours notice, otherwise your prepayment is forfeited.


Consultation Lengths:  Initial consults are always 90 minutes in length. Follow-up consults are a minimum of 60 minutes in length.


All consults must be used within 6 months of payment, otherwise they are forfeited.