Clever Canine Class

This fun & relaxed class is running regularly on Sunday mornings at 09.15am - 10am, Marlow Grafham Water Car Park behind the visitor centre PE28 0BH.


You can join anytime if you and your dog have the pre-requisite skill of loose lead walking in company.

Spot the non-conformist! :-)

A fun, affordable and convenient way to train your dog to be happy and reliable in any and all real life situations and meet up and have some fun with like minded folks!


This is a relaxed and friendly class on Sunday mornings at 9.15am Marlow Car Park, Grafham Water, Huntingdon PE28 0BH (circular tarmac’d area behind the café).  


Suitable for all ages of dog, sessions are approx 45 minutes - register once and then attend whenever you would like to.


Pre-requisite skills: loose lead walking in company.  If you have not yet mastered this key skill then you can attend the Loose Lead Walking Workshop held later in the day on Sundays.


The Clever Canine class includes a wide variety of group exercises and games working towards the following:

  • Really Reliable Recalls
  • Really Reliable Stays
  • Elimination of Pulling on the lead, Lead Aggression or Lead Reactivity 
  • Building Speed and Precision 
  • Introducing Advanced Concepts in Motivation 
  • Pack Walks and Off-Lead Walks - heeling, loose-lead walking and running free with the pack (optional - depending on the group)
  • Rally Obedience Exercises
  • Recall Races - fastest dog to sit front and then finish wins! (there could be prizes involved!) 
  • Major Distractions - people, dogs, bikes, toys, bouncing balls, left over food, umbrellas, etc.  
  • Frogger Recalls - calling your dog through a crowd of moving dogs 
  • Focused Off-Lead Heeling - competition style
  • Various Degree Heeling Turns - 45's, 90's, 180's, 270's, 360's - both left and right 
  • "Fancy" About Turns 
  • Distance Training - commands given from long distances
  • Multi-Angled Finish - calling to a sit in heel position from the standard front position as well as any other angle or from a distance 
  • Three-Way Puppy Push-Ups - moving through Sit, Down and Stand positions in all six possible combos.  
  • Drop On Recall - down command from a recall
  • Cafe Training - dog holds a long down at your feet around a table of other dogs doing the same. 
  • Pivoting Auto-Sit - sitting in heel position automatically as you pivot in place to varying degrees - 45's, 90's, 180's, 270's, 360's - both left and right 
  • Hand Signals - giving commands silently, only using hand signals 
  • Motion Exercises - sit, down and stand commands given while heeling - without stopping your forward motion - calling back to a moving heel position  
  • Reverse Heeling - maintaining the Heel position while walking backwards. 
  • Friendly Games, Contests and Competitions - fastest recall, longest down, most push-ups, best trick, etc. 


Ready to Start? Great!

Clever Canine Sessions are £60.00 for five sessions which need not be consecutive weeks.


If you would like to join please complete the short enrolment form below and click the blue send button, then complete the payment step. 


Please also note: so sorry but as this class is so popular we are unable to hold places without payment in full so if you just send the form this will not reserve a place.


Look forward to seeing you there! :-)


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Clever Canine Sessions - Sundays at 9.30am - 5 Sessions

Five sessions on a Sunday morning (not necessarily consecutive weeks).


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