5 Simple Steps to Train a New Behaviour

Hi Peeps, Joe here.


Here's a little treat for you, one of the first pieces of dog agility equipment I learnt was the Tyre jump.  Believe it or not I wasn't at all confident when I started my agility training! Hard to believe I know but it quickly made a massive difference to how I felt about life in general and training in particular!


A bit about me...


I came to live near Grafham Water in February when it was freezing cold.  I'd been in a rescue kennel for several months.  I was a big strong boy and most folks will tell you us big dogs have to wait longer for homes.  


This was me at the rescue... When I first arrived there I was so hungry I'd eat anything and I bit so hard on a bone they gave me I cracked a tooth!  


That gave me trouble later on as no one realised until my face started to swell with an abscess just after her indoors took me home.

No sooner had I found my great home than I had to go back to the vets to have two teeth removed and the abscess cleaned up.  Spent quite a bit of time at the vets I seem to remember...  there was the time I jumped through some ice and cut my stopper pad really badly - took ages to heal up.  Then there was the time I surprised a wounded deer and it bit me on the leg!  Lost quite a bit of street cred over that....


Anyways..., I digress, more on that another time maybe!  These days I'm actively involved in running GWCA and have a passion for helping dogs and owners enjoy a great relationship together so not so many dogs have to go through what I did when I was very young.


Have a watch of my video below and you'll see me learning some stuff back in those early days.


The important thing to realise is that the way I learnt how to do the Tyre jump can apply to pretty much anything you want to teach your dog.  


There are lots of different ways to learn new stuff and I've learnt lots more since.  I really love Clicker Training and Free Shaping too, but this video shows one of the easiest methods for us dogs to learn new things.


Something for everyone


For all the new folks that started training recently at GWCA this video is a good recap for you.


If you've been having some problems with training a new behaviour watch out for all the tips throughout and you may find something that will really help.  For all you seasoned trainers you can just sit back and make fun of her in her woolly hat (it was below freezing when we were filming a lot of this!)