Learning Not to Snatch ('Leave It')

Adapted from 'It's Yer Choice' by Susan Garrett 

Teaching impulse control is all about the difference between constantly managing a dog’s  behavior and  teaching  them  to  manage  their  own.  


When  given  the  choice between a dog they constantly have to tell what to do and a dog that is constantly trying to do the right thing, most dog owners naturally choice the latter!


So, where do you start?


"Learning Not to Snatch"!


This exercise is based on the "It’s Yer Choice" game popularised by  top  agility competitor Susan Garrett. The concept of the game is simple: teach a dog that in order to get what he wants, first he must do what you want!


Here's a video of Joe playing this game and showing you how to progress in terms of the level of difficulty.