Quick Clicks!  Attention Around Distractions

What if you could learn in just three minutes a quick and simple clicking exercise that will radically improve your dog’s focus on you, something great for puppies just learning foundation training, dogs that need any kind of focus work on lead or off lead, dogs that are getting ready for sports training or something that requires a lot of handler focus in a difficult environment, dogs who are reactive, vigilant or anxious about their environment, dogs who are afraid of their environment…


The most effective training exercises tend to be ones with a predictable pattern and rhythm to them – the dog learns the pattern and then knows what to expect next – dog’s really like this ‘being in the know’…it gives them confidence and as the dog engages in the familiar rhythm it can allow them to become desensitised to the other stuff in the environment around them.


 ‘Something may be happening over there (people, dogs , objects) but you don’t have to worry about that because you and I are engaged in doing something here…’


This week’s Quick Clicks video is about a simple but very powerful clicking game you can start off at home and then take on the road with you wherever you go!  


The more you use it the more powerful the exercise becomes and it can also really improve loose lead walking so taking a stroll with your best friend is a pleasure rather than an ordeal!