Step-By-Step Shaping of a New Behaviour

Hi again Peeps, Joe here.

Here's your weekend treat, some step-by-step training videos showing how to develop a new behaviour or trick with your dog without showing the dog what you want using a food lure, instead you help the dog work out what it is you have in mind by rewarding him when he makes very small steps towards the behaviour. (And ignore other behaviours that your dog offers which aren't what you had in mind)  


A bit like you're getting warmer..., colder..., warmer...,warmer still...even hot!!!...remember playing that game as a child?


Shaping is one of my favourite types of training.  It's up to me to figure out what she's after - sometimes I work it out really quickly and other times it takes a bit longer - boy, it's tiring though.  I get tired after just a few minutes - amazing!

Here are four short and unedited videos showing how I learnt something call 'Chin-rest'.

(Resting my chin on her hand and keeping still)

Chin-rest is a very useful trick to help develop focus and attention, it rewards your dog for being still which is a good thing for high energy dogs and it's also really useful for Nosework as it helps teach what they call 'steadiness at source' (nose press and hold on a target odour).

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