Grafham Water Pack Walks



Every Sunday morning we meet up for an on-lead pack walk at various locations around Grafham Water.


This walk is a perfect rehab walk if your dog needs help to stay calm and feel comfortable around other dogs, strangers, joggers, cyclists etc.


We choose the locations and routes carefully so that we always have room to move away from things our dogs might react to.


Most dogs will really benefit from these walks and it's lovely for their hoomans too to be in a welcoming, understanding and supportive group.




What is an On-Lead Pack Walk?

  • A group of dog handlers going for a walk together in a structured environment.
  • A on-lead pack walk is pretty excellent for most dogs.  It’s a way to exercise, properly socialise, and train that is safe and fun for all. 


Structured Environment?

  • Dogs will walk in a long line at first.  By the end of the walk, some dogs will have bunched up together as walking buddies and some dogs may just enjoy the camaraderie of the walk from a safe distance.
  • No dog introductions face-to-face
  • The key to a successful pack walk is the rhythm of the walk – the aim is to keep moving along at a casual pace so that the group stays together.
  • Remember every dog is different.  Some dogs will walk side-by-side after the first 10-15 minutes, other dogs may need a few pack walks to get there or indeed just enjoy walking at a distance in their own bubble.


The Science Behind Pack Walks

  • Dogs have a strong instinctual need to socialise with and explore the world.  
  • Many dogs are uncertain or reactive on lead to other dogs they don’t know well but these dogs still have a very real need to get out and socialise.  
  • Pack walks can help to satisfy this need as dogs can safely socialise without physically interacting.  They can smell and see the other dogs, which is still considered socialisation. 
  • Pack walks are really excellent for training as the dogs should have minimal interaction with each other and rather be focused on their people and where they’re going.
  • Pack walks provide the dog with a lot of mental stimulation which will tire out a dog a lot faster than just physical exercise!


On-Lead Pack Walk - What It’s Not…

  • Time for your dog to “meet” new dogs
  • Playtime


What are the Rules?

  • No face-to-face dog introductions and no sniffing. Just being within a few metres of each other is more than good enough.
  • ALWAYS ask first before approaching another handler & dog as they may well need space and not want you to come closer with your dog.
  • If you are moving towards someone and you see them start backing away from you this is a clear sign that they do not want you to approach any closer.
  • Strictly one dog per handler
  • Family members are welcome to join the walks, but only one person is allowed to handle the dog
  • Only adults (18+) are allowed to handle the dogs on the walk
  • No Extendable / Retractable leads
  • Please be kind to everyone in the group and everyone we meet.
  • Please respect everyone’s space, some dogs need a lot more than others.
  • Some dogs may be a bit anxious or excited on arrival and when they see the other dogs, it is very important that you keep far enough away that your dog can remain calm.  If your dog starts to whine or bark it is a clear sign that they are too close and just need a bit more space.  Once the pack gets walking things will calm down and you will probably be able to come closer but always watch your dog for signs that they may be becoming anxious and if so increase the distance so that they can be relaxed and enjoy their walk.


What should I bring?

  • Proper harness/collar, and lead
  • Poo bags
  • Water bottle and small water dish for a scheduled water break
  • High value treats (hot dog coins, cheese, real meat etc.)



  • Any person attending the pack walk does so entirely at their own risk.  
  • Any person bringing a dog to the pack walk is entirely responsible for the actions of themselves and their dog at all times.  
  • Grafham Water Canines shall not be held responsible for any incident, accident or injury to either human or dog or for any losses or damages however they may be caused. 
  • Photos may be taken at any point during the walk to be used on the internet and in marketing material.  If you do not wish to be photographed just let me know at the start of the walk. 

Yes! I want to Join the Grafham Waggers Pack! Quarterly Membership

£45 every three months


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"Hi Nicki, just had to share this with you.


I changed my routine, choosing to take Alfie’s main walk from the office in the daytime.  We stalk as many dogs as possible and he is SO improved.  Yesterday we were following a small dog down the high street, within 8 feet. Another small dog was coming the other way, no time to cross but he passed him beautifully.  This morning we went for an hour around the on-lead part of the riverside park saw lots of dogs.  First glance and he looks at me for (slimey) liver sausage!  I even took him to a poodle show on Saturday, he was a bit overwhelmed at first but by the end his tail was up and he was just having a good old watch.  You could see him thinking… thank god my mum does not spray me with hair laquer!!! 😊


He really has come on, thank you so much.  See you Sunday! K x"