Jim's 'Perfect Walk' - A Step-By-Step Plan for Teaching Loose Lead Walking!

Getting your dog to stop pulling is one of those training problems that’s actually pretty simple – in theory. But in reality? Totally different story! 


There’s no doubt that loose lead walking is one of the tougher training challenges.  It does take a lot of consistency, patience, and time.  But! - it’s also a goldmine for creating what you wanted from your dog in the first place: a strong relationship.


Good lead training is based on teamwork, care, and conversation. It asks your dog to understand you and to respect you – and it asks you to do the same for them.


This course will guide you in how to teach good lead manners in a way that builds your bond with your dog, plus lot's of great tips and tricks for improving your training results.


What are you waiting for? – let’s get started! :-)



Q What does the course consist of?

A The course is delivered in a single PDF file in flashcard format together with a link to accompanying videos that illustrate exactly how to perform each exercise.


Q How long do I get access to the course?

A You keep the flashcards so can revisit the lessons at any time!


Q What if I don't understand an exercise?

A There is an accompanying video for each exercise showing you exactly how to practice and you have email support for 6 weeks after your purchase.


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