NEW! Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge!

So many lovely pups and their humans were part way through a course or about to start when we went into National Lockdown 3.0 in Janaury 2021 so to help you all train your pups at home here we go with the Foundation 1 - Basic Obedience Course which is FREE to join.


It is suitable for everyone as it starts from scratch and as you will be working on your own at home my aim is to make the exercises as simple as possible to follow. Don’t let this fool you – if you follow along and practice all the exercises with your pup you will be well on your way to having a really great relationship with your pup and a very nicely trained K9 companion!


Here are the main skills we will be building:

  1. Pay Attention & Find It
  2. Find Heel Position & Walk Nicely on a Lead without Pulling
  3. Come Back When Called
  4. Stand Still (Stand Stay)
  5. Sit & Wait (Sit Stay)
  6. Go-to-Bed & Settle Down Until Released (Down Stay)
  7. Do not pick that up (Leave It)
  8. Sit to Greet (No Jumping!)
  9. Scent Detection & Nosework


All the exercises will be numbered and progressive in nature so, for example, exercises that build on Skill Number 1. Pay Attention & Find-It will be numbered 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 etc and should be done in that order i.e. you shouldn’t jump in at say 1.4 you should find exercise 1.1 and start from there and work up.  This is very important.


Over the next 6-8 weeks I will regularly post the exercises with step-by-step instructions and a video clip of one of my dogs showing exactly how to practice together with top tips, faq’s and links to extra course handouts and information.


If you would like to post your own videos then you can do so in the facebook group – if you do I will do my best to answer any questions and provide some feedback.


Towards the end of the course I will demo some skills tests and drills which if you perform correctly and submit video proof will earn you your Foundation 1 Award with a lovely certificate & rosette! (there may be a small charge for this if you are not an existing client).


Things you will need: a regular 6-8ft lead, a dog training clicker, a working dog whistle, a long training line, a round platform of some sort, a mat /dog bed. Click here for some recommendations!


The first exercises are coming online now - just click the links below - enjoy!


Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 1 Training Plan

This course is organised in a very logical and progressive manner.  Here are the exercises you should work on in Week 1, within each section you should introduce the exercises in order 1.1 then 1.2 etc.  Sometimes exercises in one section may be pre-requisites for exercises in another section, if this is the case the training plan will state this.


For Week 1 do the following exercises in this order:

Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 3 Training Plan


For Week 3 the exercises can be grouped so that you have three types of training sessions to pick from:


Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 4 Training Plan


Lots to work on this week! 🙂


Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 5 Training Plan


  • In Exercise 6.3 this week you get to sit in an armchair and ignore your dog – surely one of the least effort training exercises! Super valuable though as it teaches your dog how to relax when you’re not paying him/her any attention.
  • Exercise 6.4 covers how to teach your dog where to go and what to do when the doorbell rings.
  • In Exercise 5.4 there are some great Sit & Keep Sitting drills to practice – these are perfect to combine with Exercise 6.4.
  • In Exercise 2.6 we build on last week’s introduction of the verbal ‘Heel’ cue and start extending our loose lead walking behaviour
  • And last but definitely not least we play the Shadow Game in Exercise 3.4, an essential part of building and maintaining a super reliable recall!


Have lots of fun and keep warm!


Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 6 Training Plan



Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 7 Training Plan




Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 8 Training Plan


  • Last but not least in Exercise 9.2 - Shaping 'Investigate Object' we work on shaping our dog to stick his nose in a container in readiness for adding a target scent.  Fascinatingly, scientists have discovered that search for a target scent (other than food) engages up to 60% of those doggie brain cells!  No wonder 5 mins of nosework will have your pooch taking a nap and all without putting your shoes on!


Stay@Home K9 Training Challenge - Week 9 Training Plan


Below is a list of all the exercises included in the course organised by section.  All the sections of this course work together to help create the skills we want our pups to learn.  For example, to walk nicely we need the positional awareness taught in section 2 but we also need the attention from section 1, the self control taught by the stay exercises and Sit and Down on cue.


This is why this course is structured as it is.  It is split into 8 logical sections and within each section there are the progressive exercises and I am introducing the exercises from different sections to you in the order I have found over the years to be most effective.  At  any one time we will be working on exercises from 3-5 sections during a given week as we bring the various elements and building blocks together into more complex behaviours and skills as the course progresses.


It is very tempting, but a mistake therefore to say ‘ah, the issue I have is my dog pulls on the lead so I’ll watch out for Section 2 exercises and do those ones or to jump into the course at different points. 


For the best results and behaviours you can rely on, start from scratch and follow the training plans week by week :-)

10. Shaping


More coming soon...