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Thankfully there is a growing awareness now that very young puppies need to have positive socialisation experiences and this is great news.


What isn’t so widely understood still though is that this needs to continue throughout their first year and beyond...


Like us, dogs are social creatures and when their social needs are neglected it’s unfortunately quite common to see behavioural problems around other dogs surfacing between the ages of 1 – 3yrs old even though as a pup they enjoyed puppy classes and were fine around other dogs at the time.


It isn’t that they need to run in a whole pack of doggie friends, rather the science shows that, again like us, they need to have a few friends that they get on well with and see for social interactions fairly regularly.


Crucially this is true regardless of how many dogs you have in the house, they need to make other friends outside the family group to remain comfortable meeting and greeting others.



Pack walks will help your dog:


  • learn how to be calm on lead in the presence of other dogs
  • remain calm and sit at your side in the presence of distractions like joggers and cyclists
  • learn to accept other dogs approaching from all angles
  • have fun with you accomplishing some fun tasks and challenges
  • meet new friends to enjoy interacting with them every week 

You do not have to be on one of our courses to join in, everyone is most welcome.


We run a separate website to advertise and manage the Pack Walks - 


BarkWalk is very simple, just turn up with your dog and walk!  You & your dog can volunteer with us to help run the walks too, there are various roles like Bark Leader and Tail Walker!  


The format for Barkwalk is simple, register once by clicking here and take part whenever you want. 


The walk is completely free although we would love for you to show your appreciation of Barkwalk and make a contribution.  Donations can be made in person on the walk, via Justgiving by clicking on this link, by text message - just text: LABS07 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 and by becoming a BarkWalk UK Member.  Individual membership is just £3.25 per month or £35 annually - click here to show your support and join us!  Please note: you must be over 18 to join Barkwalk UK.  All donations and funds raised go directly to LRRSE and are used to rehome & save the lives of unwanted and stray dogs. 


Remember: your donation will help save a dogs life.



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