Puppy Playtime!


One of the best ways to socialise your canine best friend with other dogs is through carefully controlled and supervised puppy play groups and we run one most weekends!


This isn’t a free for all session which can easily overwhelm a young puppy (even quite a confident one).


This is an opportunity to let you pup have a play date with a small group of compatible pups of a similar age, size and disposition and of course to practice your recall amongst other dogs letting them go play again as a reward!


One of the ladies who started training her puppy here recently commented that they had just had a family holiday in Norfolk exploring the beaches and she was thrilled that even with the distraction of other dogs her pup responded really well and recalled with ease amongst other dogs.  The technique of using your pups biggest distraction, i.e. another pup, as a reward for coming to you is one of the most important life lessons for a young dog.


So, come along and join us outdoors at the Grafham Water Venue for some puppy playtime!


All ages from 10 weeks (subject to full vaccination status) to 7 months old welcome and you’ll be matched up with compatible pups in small groups to play in our fully fenced and enclosed beautiful lakeside arena.


  • Meet up and chat with other puppy owners coming to classes,
  • Watch your pup interact with others and learn to read their body language,
  • Understand more about appropriate puppy play and when you need to intervene,
  • Get an opportunity to ask any questions you have about your pups behaviour.


  • Playtime entry fee - £5 per dog.
  • A very happy, well socialised and tired out Puppy for the rest of the day – PRICELESS!!!


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