Trick Title

Master 12 tricks from the list below and earn the 'Trick Title'!


  • Give Paw
  • Fetch Lead
  • 3 behaviours on hand signal only (e.g. Sit, Down, Stand)
  • Hoop jump
  • Target Stick
  • Leave-It
  • Spin
  • Push Ups
  • Peek-a-boo / aka Get Ready
  • Paws Up (any object)
  • Which Hand?
  • Speak
  • Take a Bow
  • Roll Over
  • Crawl

Each behaviour must be demonstrated three times.

The behaviour should be on cue.  Your cue may be visual (hand signal or object) and/or verbal.

The behaviours do not have to be performed on the same day.

Behaviours must be consistent in quality.

Behaviours may be re-cued if necessary, but errors must be dealt with to support your learning.

Any behaviour that is not adequately demonstrated may need to be repeated.  This is at the discretion of the assessor.

All behaviours must be trained force-free.