Training Videos

On this page you will find links to all sorts of useful training video clips from us and from other dog trainers around the world.


If you're having a little trouble with teaching your dog a new skill check out the videos here for useful reminders.  Remember, each dog learns at their own pace, don't worry if its taking a while - practice and patience are the keys.

Training your dog to weave using the channel method

Teaching your dog to walk backwards

Teamwork Building Blocks

Teaching Your Dog to Hand Target or 'Touch'


Targeting is a great skill to teach your dog, especially for agility.  Some obstacles require that the dog touches a contact zone with their paw and you want your dog to be able to follow your hand instructions.


Begin by teaching your dog to target with his nose.

Teaching Your Dog to Target with Paws


Once your dog has completely mastered the 'Touch' command you can move on to targeting with Paws.

Teaching Your Dog How to Perform the Tyre Jump


The tyre jump is quite a simple obstacle for the dog to learn.  You can start off with a hula hoop and have the dog step through it then gradually raise it off the ground so he has to jump.  Each time he comes through praise and reward.


Remember: when introducing anything new to your dog go at an easy pace and let your dog dictate the timetable.  In the first few sessions you'll see Joe is quite unsure of the hula hoop but he soons gets the hang of it and grows in confidence.  It's really important to keep building positive experiences with the equipment so your dog has fun!