Why Agility?

Think about how our dogs ancestors behaved in the wild...  They would have chased and killed prey, hurdling over rocks, speeding under fallen logs, teetering on natural bridges and negotiating slopes, brambles and thick bushes.  In simple terms then, agility is a perfect outlet for your dog's natural and instinctual habits and behaviours which is why they love it.


How about you?  Humans are also designed to be agile, sprinting away from danger and predators, crossing rivers and running through dense forests and undergrowth, not so different are we?


Here are just some of the benefits of agility training:


Much needed exercise which is a basic need of every dog

Your dog gets a great workout, building strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. 


An improved bond between you and your dog

Leading to a better all round relationship as you learn to work together and negotiate the obstacles.  You learn how to communicate and read each other's signals and best of all you're outdoors and having a good time together


Agility burns of energy and addresses boredom

This leads to a reduction in destructive behaviours around the home and even helps address some forms of aggression


An increase in confidence and self esteem

Agility is really good for nervous and anxious dogs to build up confidence in their own ability and their trust in you


Sharpens the dogs mind

Your dog has to do a lot of thinking and gets great mental stimulation, increasing awareness and alertness.


Better basic obedience

With the ability to follow instruction and increased trust and confidence


Perfect outlet for working, high energy and active breeds

And not only them, its great fun for any healthy dog that takes to it (and most do!)


Plus increased fitness, flexibility and stamina for owners!  Few people give up agility once they've started - what better way to get in shape!


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