Client Testimonials

Having attended our classes or 1-2-1 sessions, clients are often kind enough to share feedback on their experience.  Here are a few truly appreciated comments we've received by email.

"He's been such a good boy the last couple of days Nicki, can't even explain how much happier and less stressed I'm feeling already! Thank you so much! Hollie, 121 Training.

"Hi Nicki, just thought I would drop a quick line to say we have had 3 super lessons this week. I really feel that it is all coming together and we are having so much fun in the progress.  It's makes it all worthwhile.  Thank you!" Tracey

"Hi Nicki, just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your visits and advice.  With your help I was able to spend much of our recent trip to Scotland with Lottie off lead AND coming back to the whistle!  Brilliant, what a delight!  Still more work to do of course so will certainly be calling you for some follow up visits.  Many thanks again from both of us"  Tony, Brampton, In-home Training

"It was great fun today.  Thanks very much.  Susie had a ball and she has been sleeping all afternoon!!"  Heather, Puppy Playtime

"Dexter and I really enjoyed it, thanks Nicki.  Even better it supports a good cause x" Chris, Puppy Playtime

"We had so much fun, Monty was exhausted!"  Thank you so much, Kay, Puppy Playtime

"I have really enjoyed the course so far and I can't believe the change in Dexter already! I find it's really helpful to practise the activities in the session and then to have extra information to read in the handout. Thank you for all your help so far :-)" Emily & Dexter, Beginner Dog Training

"I am really glad that we found the classes. I like that it is a small group so that all the dogs and owners can get some of your time and it is easy to see and hear what we are trying to do. I think that the exercises are fun for me and Xander, I also like the fact that they can get a chance for a run around at the end.  I am really enjoying the classes so far, although Xander does still get very over excited in class the training is definitely making a difference day to day, particularly with his lead walking which is an area I have really struggled with."  Vicky and Zander, Beginner Dog Training

"I’ve found the course to be a great help as well as enjoyable and, as I have used the guidance on my older dog, it has improved his behaviour too!"  Andrea & Pip, Beginner Dog Training.

"Having a young, energetic, boisterous Border-Collie cross breed, I decided to seek out some training and brain stimulation for her - and myself! Thankfully the first company I contacted and tried out, was GWCA. This resulted in us both having fun, learning rapidly some of the key skills needed to take a dog through an agility course, and making friends along the way - canine and human. All of this in a fantastic lakeside location. I would strongly recommend GWCA, run by a patient, knowledgeable and caring trainer."  Catherine

"I decided to give agility a try when my 2 year old Parsons Russell, Oscar became difficult to handle after we lost our old labrador last November. When we were out walking he wouldn't always come back and was unpredictable when we came across other dogs ( and sometimes people without dogs).  Although he is sometimes distracted at agility training his obedience at home and out walking has improved 100% and I can confidently take him out again and know he will listen. Agility is great fun and I enjoy it as much as Oscar does." Tracey

"I have recently started classes with Nicki at Grafham Water Canine Adventures and have found it to be really fun. Nicki has a very calm approach to the training with lots of positive feedback. She always takes the time to explain things thoroughly with the reasons why we do it that way which helped me a lot. I also like that she tailors the speed of learning to the individual dog. I have also been to a few fun and games sessions with Holly on  Friday night where everyone was very welcoming and we both had a great evening. For Mawli who is a collie I have found agility a great way to exercise her brain as-well as body and its also brilliant bonding  time for us where she is the centre of my attention which she likes lots!" Becky

"Bella and I love coming to agility and games. She has gained so much confidence with people and other dogs since we started. She really enjoys learning how to do the courses and gets excited when I tell her we're going for 'jumping'. I enjoy working with her and learning to be a  team - and of course it's really good exercise for me as well as for her. Its an added bonus that it's in such a pleasant setting, and with such nice trainers of course!" Marian

"I have always wants to train and take agility seriously, I had browsed around on the Internet and came across this website. It looked promising, fun and a trainer that helped and takes training seriously. It has definitely lived up to those words. I love every session me and Dexter attend, he gets better and better every time and it's all thanks to Nicki and Holly. Dexter has learnt so many different techniques and I am so proud of him. A definite recommendation to anyone that wants to do this for fun or take it seriously."  Terri

"From our first session we found the techniques that Nicki gave us really useful, and the back up paperwork reminded us of what to do from one week to the next. The sessions were very enjoyable and successful. Thank you"  Simon

"Fantastic Instructor who got to know our dog very well and had him doing commands the same day. Very professional and friendly experience"  Keith

"Maizie, my 3 year old yellow lab and I have thoroughly enjoyed the beginners agility.  I cannot believe that in just 6 short weeks we have accomplished so much from jumps to the weave poles and we even go in the same direction (mostly!).  Nicki clearly knows her stuff, she has a great way with the dogs and has given me some brilliant advice about Maizies less desirable behaviours.
We are definitely signing up for the next 6 weeks.  Thanks Nicki"  Sam

"Nicki's classes are fun for people as well as their dogs. The agility classes are a good mix of learning, exercise and fun. My dog Buster enjoys being around other dogs and is always excited to work for the treats! I was surprised at how well he took to the tunnel and after a little practice he was doing the boards and beams as well. I look forward to seeing what else he can master in future classes!"  Christa

"Amy had never attended any training classes before, but you could see her natural talent from the start! I am so happy that you were calm and understanding, given her sometimes shy nature. She took to you well and I think she knew as much as we did that you truly love dogs! It was nice to see you give her time and space, without forcing a bond, like I've seen many people try to do with Amy...and it worked! Even after a couple of lessons you could see she felt comfortable around you and enjoyed herself. I really appreciate you always being so friendly and professional. You gave me some great starter tips for Amy that made a quick difference in her behavior and I can see now that it can be fun to teach our four-legged friends, not stressful or boring! Thank You!" Lauren

"Just recently we purchased a miniature schnauzer puppy called Lulu who was about 16 weeks old when I decided to start looking for puppy training classes.  I surfed the web and by luck found Nicki at Grafham Water Canine Adventures. I made contact and decided to go for the one to one training which lasted 5 weeks and I can say, was money well spent.  We have now completed our course and hand on heart I now have a well-trained dog that behaves and does what I say and not what she wants to do. If you put in the work at home and on the course it will pay off. 

I would highly recommend Nicki and the training she gives."  Perry

"I would highly recommend Grafham Water Canine Adventures to anyone looking to either start out with agility or to have help teaching their dogs commands. I have been taking my dog Io to see Nicki now since May and the change in my dog is amazing. I have been having major issues with my dog sniffing and this was affecting our agility lessons. I have since been having some obedience classes with Nicki and the change is incredible! The exercises that Nicki has been having us do I never would have thought of. We even have been managing to do some basic agility courses with ease, whereas a few months ago she would be constantly sniffing. I can't recommend Nicki enough and thank her for all her help! Plus Io loves going there, she goes absolutely bonkers when she knows we're here to see Nicki 5 out of 5 :)" Hannah

"I have been taking Harvey for 1-2-1 agility training sessions for over a year. From the nervous dog then to the amazing dog he is now is a testament to Nicki's patience and training (both dog and owner ). We have worked our way through tunnel issues and are now able to complete an agility course fairly well. For me the important thing is that Harvey enjoys the sessions and if you could see how he pulls on the lead to get there and how happy he is to see Nicki its great. I can not recommend GWCA highly enough--give it a try :-)"

"A fantastic obedience/agility session. I'm even managing to clear the hurdles, such progress. The dogs are finding my exploits amusing. Thank you to Nicki at GW Agility" Eriks

"Another brilliant session with Io! She is now actually focusing when she is meant to be! Even managed to do another agility course without issues thanks Nicki Binks!!! — feeling wonderful." Hannah