2. Walk Nicely On A Lead Continued...

Exercise 2.11 - Teaching 'Go Through'

‘Go Through’ is super easy to teach and is another ‘power-up’ exercise like Spin, Hand Targets and going around a cone/obstacle that you can use to make repetitive training tasks like heelwork more fun and engaging for your furry friend.


Little bits of training interspersed throughout the day (a couple of minutes when you boil a kettle for example) is great bonding time for you both and it’s also a good way to keep your dog’s brain working and channel his energy into something productive. 


Going through your legs and leg weaving also helps keep your dog’s back limber and is a great side-stretch exercise.  Lots of agility folks use a few leg weaves for a warm up!


Getting Started

  1. Head to your quiet space with your dog at your side and a pocket full of treats. 
  2. Open your legs so there is a generous amount of space for him to get through and have treats in both hands.  
  3. Toss a treat away from you and then when your dog comes back towards you hold the treat out in front of his face to capture his attention. 
  4. Lead the way using the treat and slowly guide him through your legs and use your other hand to pick him up as he goes through and guide him into position beside you.
  5. Once he makes his way through, give him a treat and lots of verbal praise. 
  6. Practice this several times until he understands what you want from him. 

Leg Weaving

  1. Now he knows to walk through your legs, you can guide him around in a full figure of 8 before he gets his treat.
  2. Once he completes the whole circuit, give him a tasty treat and praise again. 
  3. Practice makes perfect! 

Practice this for a few days until he fully has the hang of it. As he gets better you can increase the speed you lure him through at. Once he’s mastered that, you can lose the treat and just open your legs and point, he’ll understand what you want.


Add a verbal cue

  1. Then you can add a verbal cue ‘Go through’ or ‘Through’ for example. 
  2. Say the cue word and lead him through your legs with the treat.
  3. Once he’s through, give him a treat and some quick praise.   
  4. Practice until he’s really comfortable walking through your legs and weaving in a figure 8.

Once trained you can use this exercise creatively in your practice sessions!