4. Stand Still (Stand Stay)

Exercise 4.4 - Creativity


Let's see how creative you all are!


Take an object you used for Exercise 4.1 - Stand on a Thing and see how many other behaviours you can practice with your pup using the Thing!  


Jim and I managed 11 in the video:


• Sit on the box

• Paws Up on the box

• Bottoms Up on the box

• Stand on the box

• Stand in the box

• Sit in the box

• Walk Around Sit-Stay in the box

• Walk Around Stand-Stay, back feet in the box

• Walk to heel around the box counter-clockwise

• Walk to heel around the box clockwise

• Sit Stay handler proofing


Not only is your pup getting a great mental and physical workout in a small space without putting your shoes on, he's also practicing paying attention to you with the lead on.


Another great tea break exercise for bonding with your dog and building communication between you - 'nuff said!