Sit to Greet (No Jumping!)

Exercise 8.2 - Sit & Keep Sitting While People Approach

  1. Ask a family member or friend to assist with training. Your assistant must be someone your dog likes and wants to greet. 
  2. Cue your dog to Sit
  3. Have the person approach you, one step at a time. In the early stages, you will mark and treat your dog for every step the person takes toward him, as long as he maintains the Sit. Have your greeter come close enough to shake your hand (social distancing rules permitting of course!).
  4. If your dog starts to get up at any time during your helper’s approach, have your helper stop, look away from your dog, and take a few steps backward. Then tell your dog “All done.” The release makes it clear the person is not coming forward and the treats stop if your dog gets up.  Wait at least five seconds and then try again with your helper moving slower, or you offering a higher value reward.
  5. Keep practicing until he is able to remain sitting four out of five times until the person can get to within handshaking distance of you.
  6. Be sure to select people who will cooperate with your instructions because you do not want someone undoing all your hard work!  You may need to have particularly high-value treats for this exercise if your dog is really excited by people. 
  7. Instruct your greeter to refrain from reaching out and touching your dog for this exercise.


Keep in Mind


“Calm” is the word to keep in mind when teaching exercise 8.2.  It's important that you don't move forward until you have a relaxed and calm dog. This will ensure that you are training your dog to be comfortable with new people, as well as preventing him from jumping on people in excitement.