9. Scent Detection & Nosework Continued...

Exercise 9.5 - Container Search - Single Hide

This week we build a simple container setup to help our dog gain confidence in searching and finding a single accessible hide (scented item).


The age of the hide (the length of time you setup in advance of letting your dog search) should be about 10 minutes minimum to allow a nice scent pool to develop.


Use a minimum of 6 containers and select container types that don’t cause your dog to step on, squish, move around or retrieve the container.  Ash stepped on the wooden box when it was placed on its side on the ground so I have made a mental note not to place the box like that again.  I don’t want to encourage pawing the item or other antics as an indication as we will be working towards a specific behaviour / formal indication later on.


Your dog should not watch you setup obviously!



Have fun!