Where we train

We train at a variety of locations near the village of Perry which is only 3 miles from the A1 and five miles from the A14 in Cambridgeshire.  We are surrounded by 2,400 acres of beautiful countryside around Grafham Water Park. 


We are near:

Huntingdon, St Neots, Great Staughton, Grafham, Easton, Ellington, Long Stow, Kimbolton, Buckden, Spaldwick, Diddington, Pertenhall, Little Staughton, Little Paxton, Southoe, Tilbrook, Hail Weston, Brampton, Catworth, Keysoe, Swineshead, Offord Cluny.



Important: you will need to clear up after your dog so please keep some bags in your pocket, bins are provided on-site.  The training areas are a mix of hardstanding, concrete paths and mown grass.  


Please use a normal collar/harness and lead of a suitable length, flexi extendable leads are not suitable for classes.


Bring a rested, hungry dog to classes and plenty of your dogs favourite treats and/or a toy (tuggy not squeaky for preference).  High value foods that are easily chewed and swallowed are ideal e.g. chicken, cocktail sausage pieces, cheese cut up to about the size of your little finger nail.  Avoid biscuit style treats for training as they can choke an excited active dog.  Depending on when you feed you may wish to reduce the dogs meal if this is within a few hours of the class start time but don't restrict a puppies normal diet.


Please walk your dog just before the class and give them a chance to relieve themselves outside of the training area.